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Category Archives: things i love about kiev

hot hot hot hot hot

So it’s been crazy warm here, which I will now use as an excuse for why I haven’t been updating. Not just hot, but also crazy humid. Like living in soup. It’s finally cooled down a bit, just in time for me to flee for the relative coolness of Chicago, and the way hotter of […]

so, i finally did it

My friend has been saying she’ll take me to the puppy market for months. I always thought it would be a bad idea because I would come home with 80 puppies. What I expected was a bunch of old ladies with blankets on the side of the street with a cabbage, shoe inserts, a box […]

it’s the most wonderful time of the year

Oh boy, do I love Autumn. It’s not quite there yet, but I’m thinking two or three weeks tops and I’ll be crunch crunch crunching my way around town.

The reason I stopped to take this photo is on my way up the hill, there was a breeze that was blowing the leaves off the trees, […]

debushka butterfly

I went to the opera tonight.  It was really pretty great, although I didn’t understand any of the intricacies since I couldn’t understand the Italian that it was sung in, nor the Ukranian that it was subtitled in.
And, of course, it was in a cool looking old building.


Ok, who can hate a city where ponys are a mainstay in the parks? Not this girl. I just wish I was younger…I would ride the hell out of those little guys. That’s probably why they look kind of sad.


There is this really great little area at the bottom of the hill by my house. It’s called “Maidan” and it’s a public square where the protests were all happening when I first moved here. When there are no protests happening, people go hang out there in the warm weather, drink really cheap […]

ok, one more

I love these giant birds. When I asked what they’re called, they tell me they’re called “crows”. Like the Guinness, they seem somehow different.

what i’ll miss about my current place

I really like the view from the balcony.  Of course, the balcony is so small, I can’t even get a table or set of chairs out there.  This is last night…the moon was huge and golden…makes me think about how much Fall here is going to rock with all the beautiful trees.

my new hood (hopefully)

Ugly on the outside buliding, but amazing views of the golden gate and the park around it, my favorite thing in Kiev…

Of course, they’re putting up scaffolding around the Golden Gate, which means with my luck, they’re probably going to tear it down and put up a casino or house of cabbage or something.
but […]

ah, market day

There is this market that is kind of far, so I don’t get there unless my friend Agneishka is driving, but I always jump at the chance when she offers. It’s got really great produce,
and the meat counter is a constant source of horror/fascination for me
I couldn’t figure out a subtle way to […]

This is really nice

Every Saturday and Sunday, they close the main shopping street , Kreschatik, to cars and allow people to walk down the middle of the street. Most days there is some sort of crazyness going on - singers, politicians - antique car shows - whatever. But today it was just peaceful and quiet, maybe because […]