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I went to something so cool today…

But it’s going to take me forever to edit the almost 400 photos I took. Luckily, most of them are crap since my camera is dying, but here’s a taste until I’m done going through pictures….

Ok, I’m lazy - so until I do this, which probably won’t be until the weekend with a bunch of […]

another chick in kiev

A friend of mine came to visit yesterday (yea!) and is leaving tomorrow (boo!) but I’ve been having a blast showing her this wacky city. We walked around a bit yesterday and found ourselves having a beer in Maidon and watching - I shit you not - real live breakdancers….

and guys doing tricks on bikes:

and..AND…little […]

Mike D - with his bad self running things…

One of the things I hated about leaving Chicago was leaving my cat Mike behind. But he was a million years old, and I didn’t want to put him through the stress of flying halfway around the world. So I left him, and the cat that I got for him because I was never home […]

dear mr. turner…

..this is what i got you for Christmas. I’m sorry that I carried it all the way to Chicago, and forgot to give it to you when I saw you. I am sorry that I didn’t even realize it was in my bag until I got back to Kiev. I’m also sorry there is lint […]

more chicks in kiev

My mom and aunt are in town and I have to say, acting like total troopers after the long flight. The sightseeing has begun, and my aunt even ate beef tongue salad. They’re here for two weeks, and I’m pretty sure they’re going to get me into lots of trouble. Here’s my photo of […]