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Category Archives: wild dog of the day

wild dogs!!!

I finally bought a new camera - and you know what that means - I found my old one. Sigh. Anyway, my new one is pink so…yeah. PINK. Take that old camera!
Anyway - new camera means PUPPIES. Here are a couple of wild dogs from this week:

You’ll notice that there is one on either side […]

snow, melt, freeze, fog, repeat

I’ve been traveling a little bit (Dublin for tar te ta thanksgiving) and then I came back and the next weekend made a turkey here for some friends, and in 6 days (woot) I’ll be back in Chicago.
I was doing a little walking around with a friend, Christmas shopping and such and saw a few […]

wild dog of the day!

It’s been a while since I posted one of these - this cute little guy was chilling statue side in the park today.

And as a bonus - here’s my very own wild dog,

who a few minutes ago went from playing with the Chauncey sized stuffed animal he has to humping it. Seems a bit early […]

it’s been a while…

…since I posted a wild dog of the day, and I think I know why. With the winter months, when I walk to work, I’m usually zoned out, listening to music and thinking about what I have to do that day - if I’m thinking at all, I might just be sleepwalking. So I’m not […]

Back in Kiev

So I’m back, and it’s COLD. I mean, I’m coming from Chicago, which isn’t exactly tropical, but wow, it’s amazingly cold here. I walked to the office yesterday, about a 20 minute walk, and when I got home last night (had to take a cab back to the airport to retrieve a lost bag I […]

puppies! (again)

So Friday must have been some sort of dog holiday, because I ran into two different packs on my way to work in the morning, passed an odd dog here and there on the way to lunch, and on the way back finally had to whip out the camera when I saw Scar (the one […]

fall in kiev

So my visitors are gone, things at work are about to calm down (ok, in like two weeks, but I can still see light at the end of the tunnel) and I’m not planning on leaving town until the 23rd of November. Time to kick back, and be lazy…kind of like this little guy I […]


There were plenty of wild dogs in Tbilisi. This little guy almost came home with me - I had a dream when I got back that he could speak - in a dog way, of course - and was all like “RYE ROVE RU, RHY RID RU REAVE RE?” Which made me kind of glad […]

wild dog of the day - odessa edition!

Poor little airport puppy.  He walked around every time people got off a plane and stumbled outside the airport near where he lay, either because they freaked him out or because he was trying to get someone to take him home.  I busted him walking right next to people a few times like they weren’t […]

camera shy wild dog of the day

He was just laying there, until he saw the camera. Maybe he’s hiding from the cops…

wild dog of the day - a new catagory

I think he’s waiting for the bus.  I tried really hard to get him to look at me - but he was like, ‘no dice, human’.  My dream is that one of these dogs will be like ‘hi, I swear I don’t have worms, or rabies or any sort of bugs, so let’s go back […]