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snow, melt, freeze, fog, repeat

I’ve been traveling a little bit (Dublin for tar te ta thanksgiving) and then I came back and the next weekend made a turkey here for some friends, and in 6 days (woot) I’ll be back in Chicago.
I was doing a little walking around with a friend, Christmas shopping and such and saw a few […]

foggy morning…

Happy November - three more days until I get a new president…I’ve been sick all week and have been doing little more then watching and listening to political podcasts, reading way too much about the election, and feeling sorry for myself that I couldn’t dress up like something and go out last night.  But I’m […]

victory day

Sorry no updates in a while - they all would have been about my crazy puppy or broken arm or about the mystery poo in the hall - well, actually, I am going to post that later - but I wanted to get some of these much more beautiful photos up first. I walked down […]

just outside kiev

I took a ride to my friend’s dacha today to take a look at some puppies her dog had. They were two day old squirmy mewing fuzzy black pocket sized cuteness. I’ve been thinking of getting a dog, and this would actually be perfect except for one thing - they’re german shepherd mix pups and […]

i heart this scribble


I went to see a movie the other night, and ended up on a hill overlooking Maidan. It was a new view on the square for me, and much nicer, I’m sure when it’s warmer.

and the Christmas tree is still up…

which I know would drive my friend Marco crazy. He gets completely unhinged seeing a […]

blam. ba-bam.

Admittedly, I’ve been gone for a while. And I can’t believe I forgot about one of my very favorite things about Kiev - the abundance of explosives that people have at the ready to blow off at any given moment. Mostly, this happens on Friday and Saturday nights, and I’ve heard it usually has something […]

awesome wintery goodness

Courtesy of my friend Polina at the botanical gardens:

back to winter

It rained all day yesterday - like in a waterworld sort of way. All. Day. There were streams running down the streets. It was wet.
Just before I woke up this morning, I had a dream that started in Istanbul, and then moved to Denmark, where I had to go learn Russian in this Finnish […]


Update: Damnit! Yet again I see something really cool that I figure is simply graffiti, and it turns out it’s marketing. This is for Nestlie, they have a buy a bar of chocolate, download a track offer. Well, at least it’s really cool looking. I also asked the guy who told me this what they […]


There was a bit of familiar this halloween thanks to some of the people I work with. A few pumpkins showed up, all jack-o-lanterned out, which was totally awesome.

about that language…

I really think Georgian writing is amazing. It looks like nothing I’ve ever seen before - it makes me think this is what Arabic and English would look like if they had a kid.  My friend was making fun of me for taking photos of signs like this:

…because it’s a sign for yoga and kung-fu […]

my new favorite summer bar

This is a view of the street that I used to live on, and the surrounding area from my new favorite summer bar - a hotel bar of course, and a terrace bar.  And anyone who knows me knows that these are a few of my favorite things: bar, terrace, hotel.  Ahhhh.  Too bad we’re […]


This is something I found near the house of the giant crows…he’s like a doctor, and an ice cream man who is painting - and sees no need for pants.  I love this guy. If this could be ripped off this building somehow, it would be inside my apartment in a hot second. In […]

I love these guys

In Odessa, we were having breakfast outside, and across the street on a balcony was, very possibly, the cutest couple ever. They didn’t say a word to each other, just sat there for about half an hour, then it looked like one of them asked the time and they slowly went inside. Matlock […]