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i’m a liar

Two more - two more and no more Moscow - back to Kiev. Two more from the market (I can’t remember the name, sorry). First, strangely creepy cat-hats:::
And finally, someone trying to sneak into the market from what looks like Disneyworld - or a really awesome final hole of mini golf

OK, thank you Moscow, […]

one last moscow post….

Ok, I’ve been back two days, I got the new keys to my new place today, all is right with the world. I have a bunch of photos left, but I thought I’d finish it up with two more - two that sum up what I thought Russia would be like - well, 13 year […]

no dead guy for me

One of the main things I wanted to see was Lenin under glass. Of course, the whole time I was there, his house looked like this:
So, Ok, fine. No Lenin under glass - probably just a legend anyway, like Disney on ice. Nope - as I’m running around the day I’m leaving […]

more art

I didn’t get to any galleries, but I did get to see the art in the Kremlin’s churches, and St. Basil. I would have been shot on sight had I taken photos in the Kremlin (they had signs that said..ok, fine, they didn’t, it was more of a general feeling) so I didn’t get […]

ok, so…

I went and had dinner twice at this great place called “sky-lounge” in Moscow. It’s in what either was, or is the science academy. It’s kind of off from the area I was getting used to - the kremlin, red square mega mall area - and off near the (ok, fine, NOT) Colossus […]

nu·cle·ar [noo-klee-er]

I have a million photos of this amazing sunset, as well as this killer building that I had dinner at last night - and Monday night as well. But I am so very tired - part of finding the great hotel bar was partaking in some of the fine beverages they had to offer, […]

and now a moment of culture

These are from inside St. Basil’s at the end of Red Square. St. Basil’s is the church I thought was “the kemlin” because I’m a tard.

best. statue. ever

This was my favorite statue I saw in Moscow, which although I only saw about .04% of all the statues, I’m taking a stand. It looks just like Colossus from the X-Men. The closest I got to it was in a car, so I have no idea if there was a plaque - like […]

worst. bar. ever.

Ok, well maybe not ever - I mean, that bar from “The Accused” was pretty bad.
But this one was so super hotel bar boring - check the exciting looking patrons in the bacground.  The worst thing was I found the best hotel bar ever last night - my last night in Moscow.  Boo-urns.  It’s […]


I got outside into non-hotel air for a bit last night, and walked down to red square. It’s big…
….but I need to go over the weekend to see Lennin under glass.
The weather was so nice last night, and the the light was just about perfect when I was there.
and I did find a […]

but i thought they hated the gays here….

Big gay rainbow in Moscow. I had a crazy day - and now I’m going to bed, but I’ll tell the whole story tomorrow. We were stuck in the airport for three and a half hours due to visa fun. One nutty thing is that the sun is just finishing setting and […]