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a jones for change…

An old colleague of mine,  Millenium Jones can’t resist change. He especially likes showing me how to “fix” my designs. Thus, he’s remixed my Obama wallpaper, and I really like the result, so I’m going to offer this one up to you as well. Enjoy!

wild dogs!!!

I finally bought a new camera - and you know what that means - I found my old one. Sigh. Anyway, my new one is pink so…yeah. PINK. Take that old camera!
Anyway - new camera means PUPPIES. Here are a couple of wild dogs from this week:

You’ll notice that there is one on either side […]

I’m sick

And stuck at home without internet. Boooo-ring.
I’ve snuck over to the pub across the street for a quick cybernet fix, and to upload what I’ve been keeping myself busy with yesterday and a bit of today while I’ve been wallowing in self pity and fever dreams. I decided that I missed screen printing. […]