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Category Archives: election nuttyness


I’ve been updateless for the past two weeks. It has been a crazy couple of weeks, but I think things are calming down now. Election giddiness has calmed down a bit, and I promise this will be my last election related image, the one thing that really sums it up best for me:

Last American election […]

back in the good ol’…..

I’ve been MIA from this site lately, but I have a goodish excuse. I’ve been back in Chicago, then in Vegas for a wedding (I think that part is sort of hazy) and now I’m spending a few more days before heading back to Kiev on Sunday.
I’m spending a much needed night in tonight, trying […]

election day is tomorrow

And I have to fly to Georgia (the country) for some biz’nez.  But I have two things to comfort me - 1) the election is tomorrow, but the results aren’t announced for at least a week, and I’ll be back and 2) Georgia is having some sort of crazy protest thing going on as well.  […]


Another flagtastic day in the city. One more week until the election. I’m guessing this will be the most flag filled week yet.

more hot flag action

oh yeah…..

So walking home from work tonight I ran smack dab into a whole lot of flagitry. They’d been there most of the day, and we had what will probably be one of our last hot days today, so they’re not really all that active at this point, but go them! I love the […]

get ready - here comes crazy time!

Elections are at the end of the month (or the middle - I keep getting different dates) and it’s going to be full on wackyness here. I was walking back from the market today and in the distance saw some flags…lots of flags, so I walked toward them, and as I got closer it […]