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So that’s been two years then. Wow, that really went by quickly. The past few days were a blur of saying goodbye to a lot of really amazing people who I look forward to seeing again soon, and packing everything up. Right before I left Kiev, we got one more snow - a really thick […]


Ok, so I guess there are Ladas

and there are Volgas

and there are something else-es etc. Once again, I’m not a cool girl who knows how to change your oil and can tell a whatever from a whatever else. I was going to say minivan from a mustang, but ok, I’m not functionally retarded, I can […]

i heart ladas

There is this car here called a “lada”, and I think I’m in love. They’re tiny, boxy, and look like they cost about $0.80. They come in some of the coolest colors. My favorite is the bright orange. Yesterday, I decided - NEW CATAGORY!!! I heart lada - where I will gather together photos […]