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four more days

Wow. I can’t believe that I’m moving in four days. It’s really been a great, and totally crazy at times, experience living over here. I’ve made some life long friends, have grown up a little, and learned a lot about how different the world is. I really feel lucky to have had this experience, and […]

Change your wallpaper…

Oh man. Puntastic. I almost went with “Wallpaper you can believe in” so…yeah.
I figured I’d make a quick wallpaper to celebrate my new President. It’s big (1600×1200) and I have a smaller ratio one (1280×1024) as a thumbnail below, so click on the one you want, let it load completly, then drag, drop and enjoy. […]

Ok, it’s been a while….

…and my Aunt Jeanne keeps asking if I’m alive since it’s been so long since I posted anything. Truth is that I was in Chicago from December 22nd until Jan 7 which is not exactly chick in Kiev material. Then the night I got back - December 7th which is Christmas here in Kiev - […]


I was hanging out with a friend yesterday, and got this crazy idea to go to the market and buy a chicken for dinner tonight. Luckily, he likes to cook and even though it was my idea, he arrived with a concept and a list, which rocked.
I got a few things that weren’t on the […]

kiss ‘em goodbye….

Three more days. So long, suckers….time to ride off into the sunset.

And can you take Joe the Plumber with you? The McCain campaign is sounding more and more to me like a bad movie starring Tim Allen or Adam Sandburg about the “little guy” who’s always been a screw up, but wanders into some sort […]

breaking news…

although about what, I’m not sure. I was off to run some errands and get a mani (very important Saturday bizness) and as I got up toward the corner where I was going to turn, I see a bunch of people milling about and as I get closer I also see a bunch of cops. […]

I have a feeling it’s about to get all flaggie up in here….

Honestly. This is the second time this has happened since I’ve been here. I think he’s just jealous of her awesome hair.

so in the past month…

Hi again! No, I haven’t forgotten all about this blog…truth is that I haven’t been much of a chick in Kiev lately. I’ve been all over the place. I was in Chicago, then Vegas, then Chicago late August till September, then I came back here, got swallowed up by work and next thing you know […]

the lovely kiev traffic…

I’ve been gone a lot lately, and when I have been in town, it’s been holidays here, so half the population is gone. Well, they’re back, and I forgot how completely fucked the traffic here is. It took me half an hour to go around the block after dropping a coworker off on the way […]

i don’t even know what to say about this

So I was at this thing, and I wandered off into another room at the event, and at the end of the room, hanging on the wall, about the entire size of the wall, was this:

There are some truely remarkable things about this…um…I’m going to go right ahead and assume it’s a composite. Excuse the […]

dear winter

Dear Winter,
I think it’s time for you to go now. We had some good times - like remember that time that I was walking outside for about 15 minutes and got these bigish spots that turned out to be a mild form of frostbite? Or how about the time when I had to walk to […]

the greatest show on earth

My friend and I went to this mall near work for a little retail therapy on Friday. While we were there, there was this announcement, and she got excited and what I thought she’d said was: “Oh cool, we have to go watch the dog show - they have these tiny dogs that jump into […]

the ladies are loving it

My aunt Jeanne loves the local flora

and my mom loved the marketplace

Today, I’m leaving them alone for the bulk of the day, and I’ve made them show me where I live, open the doors, etc (they can be a little tricky) so I’m hoping they’ll find their way back tonight. If not, I’ll have two […]

still under construction

and I really still have no idea what they are doing. But I’m just going to take photos of the “progress” periodically to see if looking back, I can see any difference. Here’s the Golden Gate yesterday…
Ok, off to Georgia.  Woot.

yet another photo of st. sofia….

It’s just so purty…