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I think I can pretty much just break my camera now…

….because I will never get better photos then these:

wedding cake topper

So I’ve been crazy busy at work, but rest assured, Kiev is still as pretty as ever…

claw, caw

So there are these giant crows living in these giant cages around the block from me. A friend of mine showed me the other day, or I would never have found them. The story is some old mafia guys had them many many years ago, but they all got killed, or went to jail […]


my computer ’s battery has decided not to charge anymore, so i’m stuck all weekend offline, and with the added adventure of trying to get my laptop fixed in kiev.  a few awesome people from work have offered to help me out, so i’m pretty sure it will all work out fine - but not […]

no, mom, I haven’t met a boyfriend here yet.

back in good ol’ Kiev..

The day after we got home, I went to my old apartment to gather up the few things I’d left there and give it a bit of a cleaning.  It was pretty early by Kiev standards 8:30, maybe 9 tops and as I rounded the corner by St. Sofia’s I saw all these soldiers lined […]

so redonkulous…

My “favorite” bar has this awesome/stupid statue in the outdoor section…
who doesn’t love bad sculpture…especially when it’s lit with a red light? C’mon…


When I first moved here, I saw this pack of wild dogs. I haven’t seen them in a while, but this morning? Boom. Dogs.
Want to take dog home….but can’t (that’s why this guy is so sad) because I still live in that stupid two room apartment, and the dream apartment I found yesterday totally […]


it’s totally normal to see people walking down the street drinking beer. at 8am in the morning.

ah, market day

There is this market that is kind of far, so I don’t get there unless my friend Agneishka is driving, but I always jump at the chance when she offers. It’s got really great produce,
and the meat counter is a constant source of horror/fascination for me
I couldn’t figure out a subtle way to […]

but how will they know we’re married?

I know! Let’s put a giant hat on our car consisting of wedding rings and little bride and groom dolls!

Ukrainians heart flags

Ukrainians (at least in Kiev) are all about flags.
having a parade? Flags!
need to protest? Flags!

How should i decorate this plaza? Flags!

If only there was some way to show the EU that we love them - I know! REALLY BIG FLAG!

pretty pretty princess!

There is a…tradition?…unspoken vow?….something that married couples go take a photo by the church just up the street from me. The women here really like big puffy wedding dresses. Sometimes big pink puffy wedding dresses.

the mac hizzy

There is no Mac store in Kiev. There is, however, this totally legally sanctioned non-rip off store that surely only sells legit goods at completely reasonable prices and yes, I bought something.

the what drop?

The car drop, of course. I was dragged to this odd event by some friends. Ok, dragged is totally the wrong word.  More like as soon as I was told there were going to be two cars dropped from something in the Arena mall, I ran dragged them.  This radio station was having a contest […]