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outside of kiev

The weather has been fantastic here the past few days, and a friend of mine has been telling me that she’s going to take me outside the city so I can see some of Ukraine, and not just Kiev. Well, today it finally happened. But it was cool, because we had a map.

And it was […]


…I came into work the other day and this little guy was sitting on my desk - this guy that I work with had made him for me.

My cute little mini next president.
update: make your own!

so, i finally did it

My friend has been saying she’ll take me to the puppy market for months. I always thought it would be a bad idea because I would come home with 80 puppies. What I expected was a bunch of old ladies with blankets on the side of the street with a cabbage, shoe inserts, a box […]

my new favorite graffiti in town



There are a few graffiti artists in the neighborhood who I recognize…my favorite being the pac man ghost guy - but these are just so nicely done, it’s hard for me (after the nestlie bunny thing) to think that they aren’t some form of advertising. But, I’m going to embrace my naive side - here […]

i heart this scribble

aw, screw helsinki

I really didn’t get that many good photos, what with the strep and all, so let’s move back to Kiev. Helsinki seems like a really great town, and I’m looking forward to going back sometime when I can leave my little bacterial friends at home.
So there is this little blue building I pass by on […]

hey, it’s that guy…

I dug up some photos I took over a month ago, while some friends were here to see me.  I’ve become enamored with this little pac-man graffiti, so I’ve been snapping him whenever I see him…

I’m reasonably sure this one isn’t an ad for anything. Reasonably.

the mascots of christmas

So I’m walking around today. And it’s COLD. I’m only planning on walking to St. Sofia (really close, like two blocks away) seeing if they have any Christmas stuff up, taking a photo if they do, and coming back to the warm. Turns out there were two flaws with that plan. One is as I […]


Update: Damnit! Yet again I see something really cool that I figure is simply graffiti, and it turns out it’s marketing. This is for Nestlie, they have a buy a bar of chocolate, download a track offer. Well, at least it’s really cool looking. I also asked the guy who told me this what they […]

see, this building is ready for fall…

….with it’s lovely green scarf.

I think I can pretty much just break my camera now…

….because I will never get better photos then these:

pretty little street bits

screw ronald mcdonald

This is true iconic advertising brilliance. I have no idea what he’s selling, but I’m buying. Mostly because I think he may be drunk, and have magical powers .

back in good ol’ Kiev..

The day after we got home, I went to my old apartment to gather up the few things I’d left there and give it a bit of a cleaning.  It was pretty early by Kiev standards 8:30, maybe 9 tops and as I rounded the corner by St. Sofia’s I saw all these soldiers lined […]