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another chick in kiev

A friend of mine came to visit yesterday (yea!) and is leaving tomorrow (boo!) but I’ve been having a blast showing her this wacky city. We walked around a bit yesterday and found ourselves having a beer in Maidon and watching - I shit you not - real live breakdancers….

and guys doing tricks on bikes:

and..AND…little […]

lazy some holiday, and an important lesson

So I honestly have no idea what we’re celebrating today, but I’m pretty much just celebrating that I’m off work. I have a mild hangover from going to watch Germany choke last night, so I’ve been mostly doing lazy Sunday type of things. I was suposed to go to physical therapy, but I walked into […]

strangeness at the store

Ok, I kid you not, this is the biggest frigging radish I’ve ever seen in my life.

and just to prove that this isn’t some crazy angle….

Holy cow! Radishes the size of my head! I was hoping to see a pumpkin the size of a lada next, but instead all I saw was this:

“beer mix”. Too […]

borscht lesson

I went to this giant grocery store with a friend, and as we were walking past the beets, I said “I should make borscht” and she was like “do you know how?” I, of course, replied “um…beets, and…um..” so she decided it was time I became a good Ukrainian. As another friend replied, […]


I had some friends in town this weekend and I took them to some of the same places I go all the time. I love, however, how you can see a place newly through someone else’s eyes. Like this, for example:

I was always too busy looking at the pig heads to see the giant axes […]

snow oranges

The markets along the sidewalks seem to be open year round, no matter what the weather. The ladies that work these small stands are pretty hard core. Nice to know I’ll still be able to buy an orange off the street in January.

Georgian food..

The Georgians are the best hosts I’ve ever encountered. I was seriously humbled by how kind and sincere just about every single person I met in this country is. One of the ways that we were shown kindness was through the amazing meals that we were served. Here are a few of the highlights.

This […]

my hairdresser…

offers you fresh juice. I had carrot. She insisted that I have carrot juice with some cream. I hate cream, and most dairy products, cheese excluded, but had to give in after her speech about how cream or olive oil (i’m guessing something with some fat) helps you absorb vitamins. Hey, who doesn’t want […]

this isn’t like the guinness back home

is that chicken stuffed with herbs and butter and then fried?

more beer

I had about 93 of these yesterday - this is one of them - and so i will just be laying around tonight. Good news is I may have found my dream apartment. Cross your fingers.