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debushka butterfly

I went to the opera tonight.  It was really pretty great, although I didn’t understand any of the intricacies since I couldn’t understand the Italian that it was sung in, nor the Ukranian that it was subtitled in.
And, of course, it was in a cool looking old building.


I’m back up, on my better then ever computer. Thanks Yuri!

oh yeah…..

So walking home from work tonight I ran smack dab into a whole lot of flagitry. They’d been there most of the day, and we had what will probably be one of our last hot days today, so they’re not really all that active at this point, but go them! I love the […]

back up…sort of

So my computer is in the hands of someone named Yuri who hasn’t been really all that good at returning my calls or texts, and claims he’ll know what’s wrong on Tuesday. He’s had it since last Sunday. Anyway, fingers crossed, I’m sure it’s going to be fine blah blah etc.
I’ve got a […]

no, mom, I haven’t met a boyfriend here yet.

my place…

So I still don’t know if I’ve got that other place or not, but this is my current place. Those three windows, above the burnt out apartment.
they recently painted the walls around the burnt out windows, so…um…yeah. Looking real good. Hope my new place comes through.


There is this really great little area at the bottom of the hill by my house. It’s called “Maidan” and it’s a public square where the protests were all happening when I first moved here. When there are no protests happening, people go hang out there in the warm weather, drink really cheap […]


The subway system is the deepest in the world (or something like that). Both going down the really really long escalator and going back up kind of freak me out.
You can’t really even see the bottom as when you step on. The trains are super fast, come really often and have tv […]

so about that apartment..

I guess I decided to take it. I made up this little story that is making it ok for me to take it - that it most likely had nothing to do with me being American, but it was simply a misunderstanding between the broker and the landlord about price. At least, that’s how […]


When I first moved here, I saw this pack of wild dogs. I haven’t seen them in a while, but this morning? Boom. Dogs.
Want to take dog home….but can’t (that’s why this guy is so sad) because I still live in that stupid two room apartment, and the dream apartment I found yesterday totally […]


So, I was in Istanbul for meetings a few weeks ago (best place ever, and only a 1+1/2 hour flight from kiev - woo!) and I bought a rug.
I totally love it, in spite of the fact that it’s several cows stitched together. Or maybe that’s what I love about it. […]

to be fair

There is one other thing I like about my apartment, the view:

I’m hoping today I’m going to find out when I can look at other places. I just want to settle down either here or in some other place, and get on with it. I feel like I’ve been staying in a hotel […]

and cold

Cold water, that is. I turned on the shower this morning, waited for the usual 10 minutes for the water to warm up…nope, still cold…waited another 10, then figured it just wasn’t going to happen.
So i took the quickest shower ever, and washed my hair while holding my head over the tub. I […]

crap. it’s hot.

Holy crap is it hot. I just got back in town from good old Chicago, and I thought it was toasty there. And no relief in sight. BOO!