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I’ve been walking past this everyday in the morning, and again at night (although it is dark then) for at least a month - and I’ve never really looked at it, although I do remember thinking - oh, I’ve got to take a photo of that really bright graffiti at some point. So today, when […]

I wonder if he’s happy because something bad happened to pac-man?


Update: Damnit! Yet again I see something really cool that I figure is simply graffiti, and it turns out it’s marketing. This is for Nestlie, they have a buy a bar of chocolate, download a track offer. Well, at least it’s really cool looking. I also asked the guy who told me this what they […]


This is something I found near the house of the giant crows…he’s like a doctor, and an ice cream man who is painting - and sees no need for pants.  I love this guy. If this could be ripped off this building somehow, it would be inside my apartment in a hot second. In […]

pretty little street bits

something i saw on the street #3

I tried to go to the website, but it didn’t load. I can’t decide what I think it’s an ad for.  I do love how stencil advertising is all over the place here - but then so is every other kind of advertising. Every single place you look - it’s crazy.  

Graffiti is for dicks -™Marco

Over the past weekend, my way to work was struck by some mad graffiti artist who’s tag is some sort of penis shape coming out of a star….as close as I can tell…
….but maybe it’s just me.

something i saw on the street #2

rhino = birds. neat!

something i saw on the street No.1