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Monthly Archives: July 2007

this isn’t like the guinness back home

camera shy wild dog of the day

He was just laying there, until he saw the camera. Maybe he’s hiding from the cops…

is that chicken stuffed with herbs and butter and then fried?

wild dog of the day - a new catagory

I think he’s waiting for the bus.  I tried really hard to get him to look at me - but he was like, ‘no dice, human’.  My dream is that one of these dogs will be like ‘hi, I swear I don’t have worms, or rabies or any sort of bugs, so let’s go back […]

Graffiti is for dicks -™Marco

Over the past weekend, my way to work was struck by some mad graffiti artist who’s tag is some sort of penis shape coming out of a star….as close as I can tell…
….but maybe it’s just me.

what i’ll miss about my current place

I really like the view from the balcony.  Of course, the balcony is so small, I can’t even get a table or set of chairs out there.  This is last night…the moon was huge and golden…makes me think about how much Fall here is going to rock with all the beautiful trees.

my new hood (hopefully)

Ugly on the outside buliding, but amazing views of the golden gate and the park around it, my favorite thing in Kiev…

Of course, they’re putting up scaffolding around the Golden Gate, which means with my luck, they’re probably going to tear it down and put up a casino or house of cabbage or something.
but […]


The subway system is the deepest in the world (or something like that). Both going down the really really long escalator and going back up kind of freak me out.
You can’t really even see the bottom as when you step on. The trains are super fast, come really often and have tv […]

so about that apartment..

I guess I decided to take it. I made up this little story that is making it ok for me to take it - that it most likely had nothing to do with me being American, but it was simply a misunderstanding between the broker and the landlord about price. At least, that’s how […]


When I first moved here, I saw this pack of wild dogs. I haven’t seen them in a while, but this morning? Boom. Dogs.
Want to take dog home….but can’t (that’s why this guy is so sad) because I still live in that stupid two room apartment, and the dream apartment I found yesterday totally […]

more beer

I had about 93 of these yesterday - this is one of them - and so i will just be laying around tonight. Good news is I may have found my dream apartment. Cross your fingers.


it’s totally normal to see people walking down the street drinking beer. at 8am in the morning.

something i saw on the street #2

rhino = birds. neat!

ah, market day

There is this market that is kind of far, so I don’t get there unless my friend Agneishka is driving, but I always jump at the chance when she offers. It’s got really great produce,
and the meat counter is a constant source of horror/fascination for me
I couldn’t figure out a subtle way to […]

This is really nice

Every Saturday and Sunday, they close the main shopping street , Kreschatik, to cars and allow people to walk down the middle of the street. Most days there is some sort of crazyness going on - singers, politicians - antique car shows - whatever. But today it was just peaceful and quiet, maybe because […]