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Monthly Archives: July 2007

but how will they know we’re married?

I know! Let’s put a giant hat on our car consisting of wedding rings and little bride and groom dolls!

Ukrainians heart flags

Ukrainians (at least in Kiev) are all about flags.
having a parade? Flags!
need to protest? Flags!

How should i decorate this plaza? Flags!

If only there was some way to show the EU that we love them - I know! REALLY BIG FLAG!

something i saw on the street No.1

pretty pretty princess!

There is a…tradition?…unspoken vow?….something that married couples go take a photo by the church just up the street from me. The women here really like big puffy wedding dresses. Sometimes big pink puffy wedding dresses.

the mac hizzy

There is no Mac store in Kiev. There is, however, this totally legally sanctioned non-rip off store that surely only sells legit goods at completely reasonable prices and yes, I bought something.

the what drop?

The car drop, of course. I was dragged to this odd event by some friends. Ok, dragged is totally the wrong word.  More like as soon as I was told there were going to be two cars dropped from something in the Arena mall, I ran dragged them.  This radio station was having a contest […]


So, I was in Istanbul for meetings a few weeks ago (best place ever, and only a 1+1/2 hour flight from kiev - woo!) and I bought a rug.
I totally love it, in spite of the fact that it’s several cows stitched together. Or maybe that’s what I love about it. […]

to be fair

There is one other thing I like about my apartment, the view:

I’m hoping today I’m going to find out when I can look at other places. I just want to settle down either here or in some other place, and get on with it. I feel like I’ve been staying in a hotel […]

and cold

Cold water, that is. I turned on the shower this morning, waited for the usual 10 minutes for the water to warm up…nope, still cold…waited another 10, then figured it just wasn’t going to happen.
So i took the quickest shower ever, and washed my hair while holding my head over the tub. I […]

crap. it’s hot.

Holy crap is it hot. I just got back in town from good old Chicago, and I thought it was toasty there. And no relief in sight. BOO!

OK, so finally

I’ve only been here four months (today, in fact! woo!) and since my good friend Squeeze helped me set things up (shut up, I’m old, my vcr is blinking 12:00) I figure I’d best get to it.
So, ladies, gentlemen, internet stalker….welcome to chick in kiev - where you will find a daily photo […]