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Monthly Archives: August 2007


my computer ’s battery has decided not to charge anymore, so i’m stuck all weekend offline, and with the added adventure of trying to get my laptop fixed in kiev.  a few awesome people from work have offered to help me out, so i’m pretty sure it will all work out fine - but not […]

no, mom, I haven’t met a boyfriend here yet.

independance day…

Ok, I guess this is the real one. And I now know what the guys were practicing for earlier this week. I got up early (thanks neverending sick!) and decided I was going to go watch the parade, and take some pictures. I walked out and when I got to my corner, i noticed […]

screw ronald mcdonald

This is true iconic advertising brilliance. I have no idea what he’s selling, but I’m buying. Mostly because I think he may be drunk, and have magical powers .

wild dog of the day - odessa edition!

Poor little airport puppy.  He walked around every time people got off a plane and stumbled outside the airport near where he lay, either because they freaked him out or because he was trying to get someone to take him home.  I busted him walking right next to people a few times like they weren’t […]

back in good ol’ Kiev..

The day after we got home, I went to my old apartment to gather up the few things I’d left there and give it a bit of a cleaning.  It was pretty early by Kiev standards 8:30, maybe 9 tops and as I rounded the corner by St. Sofia’s I saw all these soldiers lined […]

I love these guys

In Odessa, we were having breakfast outside, and across the street on a balcony was, very possibly, the cutest couple ever. They didn’t say a word to each other, just sat there for about half an hour, then it looked like one of them asked the time and they slowly went inside. Matlock […]

where was i…

….before I was rudely interrupted by the sick? I actually went to the “American Medical Center” on Tuesday and got some antibiotics which seemed to make me crazy worse yesterday, but this morning I’m feeling like I may actually live. Which I’m very happy about - and works a a good segue way […]

I’m sick

And stuck at home without internet. Boooo-ring.
I’ve snuck over to the pub across the street for a quick cybernet fix, and to upload what I’ve been keeping myself busy with yesterday and a bit of today while I’ve been wallowing in self pity and fever dreams. I decided that I missed screen printing. […]

odessa bound

I’m off to Odessa, and my first domestic Ukrainian flight. Everyone says to not sit by the doors, because that makes you “cold”.

I moved into my new pad today…wish I could stay home an unpack, but Saturday nights all right for that. Odessa photos soon….

i’m a liar

Two more - two more and no more Moscow - back to Kiev. Two more from the market (I can’t remember the name, sorry). First, strangely creepy cat-hats:::
And finally, someone trying to sneak into the market from what looks like Disneyworld - or a really awesome final hole of mini golf

OK, thank you Moscow, […]

one last moscow post….

Ok, I’ve been back two days, I got the new keys to my new place today, all is right with the world. I have a bunch of photos left, but I thought I’d finish it up with two more - two that sum up what I thought Russia would be like - well, 13 year […]

no dead guy for me

One of the main things I wanted to see was Lenin under glass. Of course, the whole time I was there, his house looked like this:
So, Ok, fine. No Lenin under glass - probably just a legend anyway, like Disney on ice. Nope - as I’m running around the day I’m leaving […]

more art

I didn’t get to any galleries, but I did get to see the art in the Kremlin’s churches, and St. Basil. I would have been shot on sight had I taken photos in the Kremlin (they had signs that said..ok, fine, they didn’t, it was more of a general feeling) so I didn’t get […]

ok, so…

I went and had dinner twice at this great place called “sky-lounge” in Moscow. It’s in what either was, or is the science academy. It’s kind of off from the area I was getting used to - the kremlin, red square mega mall area - and off near the (ok, fine, NOT) Colossus […]