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Monthly Archives: August 2007

nu·cle·ar [noo-klee-er]

I have a million photos of this amazing sunset, as well as this killer building that I had dinner at last night - and Monday night as well. But I am so very tired - part of finding the great hotel bar was partaking in some of the fine beverages they had to offer, […]

and now a moment of culture

These are from inside St. Basil’s at the end of Red Square. St. Basil’s is the church I thought was “the kemlin” because I’m a tard.

best. statue. ever

This was my favorite statue I saw in Moscow, which although I only saw about .04% of all the statues, I’m taking a stand. It looks just like Colossus from the X-Men. The closest I got to it was in a car, so I have no idea if there was a plaque - like […]

worst. bar. ever.

Ok, well maybe not ever - I mean, that bar from “The Accused” was pretty bad.
But this one was so super hotel bar boring - check the exciting looking patrons in the bacground.  The worst thing was I found the best hotel bar ever last night - my last night in Moscow.  Boo-urns.  It’s […]


I got outside into non-hotel air for a bit last night, and walked down to red square. It’s big…
….but I need to go over the weekend to see Lennin under glass.
The weather was so nice last night, and the the light was just about perfect when I was there.
and I did find a […]

but i thought they hated the gays here….

Big gay rainbow in Moscow. I had a crazy day - and now I’m going to bed, but I’ll tell the whole story tomorrow. We were stuck in the airport for three and a half hours due to visa fun. One nutty thing is that the sun is just finishing setting and […]

it’s kind of like a big kiev…

Moscow from the air


I fly to Moscow. I had to take an HIV test to get my visa, so it had better be worth it. I just hope the Russians love their children too. If I have a connection from my hotel room (which I’m expecting I will) there will be updates…otherwise I’ll have about 18 […]

so redonkulous…

My “favorite” bar has this awesome/stupid statue in the outdoor section…
who doesn’t love bad sculpture…especially when it’s lit with a red light? C’mon…


Ok, who can hate a city where ponys are a mainstay in the parks? Not this girl. I just wish I was younger…I would ride the hell out of those little guys. That’s probably why they look kind of sad.

my hairdresser…

offers you fresh juice. I had carrot. She insisted that I have carrot juice with some cream. I hate cream, and most dairy products, cheese excluded, but had to give in after her speech about how cream or olive oil (i’m guessing something with some fat) helps you absorb vitamins. Hey, who doesn’t want […]

pretty light

Pretty church by my house. Pretty light. Um…Pretty! (not overly verbose today, sorry)

my place…

So I still don’t know if I’ve got that other place or not, but this is my current place. Those three windows, above the burnt out apartment.
they recently painted the walls around the burnt out windows, so…um…yeah. Looking real good. Hope my new place comes through.


There is this really great little area at the bottom of the hill by my house. It’s called “Maidan” and it’s a public square where the protests were all happening when I first moved here. When there are no protests happening, people go hang out there in the warm weather, drink really cheap […]

sunset from an air conditioner

I had a blinding headache, so I came home from work tonight, and was laying in my room with the lights off, and suddenly there was the most beautiful light flooding my room - I tried to get a good photo, but the best one I got was from my air conditioner off my balcony.