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Monthly Archives: September 2007

still under construction

and I really still have no idea what they are doing. But I’m just going to take photos of the “progress” periodically to see if looking back, I can see any difference. Here’s the Golden Gate yesterday…
Ok, off to Georgia.  Woot.

election day is tomorrow

And I have to fly to Georgia (the country) for some biz’nez.  But I have two things to comfort me - 1) the election is tomorrow, but the results aren’t announced for at least a week, and I’ll be back and 2) Georgia is having some sort of crazy protest thing going on as well.  […]

see, this building is ready for fall…

….with it’s lovely green scarf.

it’s the most wonderful time of the year

Oh boy, do I love Autumn. It’s not quite there yet, but I’m thinking two or three weeks tops and I’ll be crunch crunch crunching my way around town.

The reason I stopped to take this photo is on my way up the hill, there was a breeze that was blowing the leaves off the trees, […]

yet another photo of st. sofia….

It’s just so purty…

my new favorite summer bar

This is a view of the street that I used to live on, and the surrounding area from my new favorite summer bar - a hotel bar of course, and a terrace bar.  And anyone who knows me knows that these are a few of my favorite things: bar, terrace, hotel.  Ahhhh.  Too bad we’re […]


This is something I found near the house of the giant crows…he’s like a doctor, and an ice cream man who is painting - and sees no need for pants.  I love this guy. If this could be ripped off this building somehow, it would be inside my apartment in a hot second. In […]

I think I can pretty much just break my camera now…

….because I will never get better photos then these:

wedding cake topper

So I’ve been crazy busy at work, but rest assured, Kiev is still as pretty as ever…


Another flagtastic day in the city. One more week until the election. I’m guessing this will be the most flag filled week yet.

debushka butterfly

I went to the opera tonight.  It was really pretty great, although I didn’t understand any of the intricacies since I couldn’t understand the Italian that it was sung in, nor the Ukranian that it was subtitled in.
And, of course, it was in a cool looking old building.

claw, caw

So there are these giant crows living in these giant cages around the block from me. A friend of mine showed me the other day, or I would never have found them. The story is some old mafia guys had them many many years ago, but they all got killed, or went to jail […]


I’m back up, on my better then ever computer. Thanks Yuri!

more hot flag action

oh yeah…..

So walking home from work tonight I ran smack dab into a whole lot of flagitry. They’d been there most of the day, and we had what will probably be one of our last hot days today, so they’re not really all that active at this point, but go them! I love the […]