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Monthly Archives: October 2007

fall in kiev

So my visitors are gone, things at work are about to calm down (ok, in like two weeks, but I can still see light at the end of the tunnel) and I’m not planning on leaving town until the 23rd of November. Time to kick back, and be lazy…kind of like this little guy I […]

the ladies are loving it

My aunt Jeanne loves the local flora

and my mom loved the marketplace

Today, I’m leaving them alone for the bulk of the day, and I’ve made them show me where I live, open the doors, etc (they can be a little tricky) so I’m hoping they’ll find their way back tonight. If not, I’ll have two […]

more chicks in kiev

My mom and aunt are in town and I have to say, acting like total troopers after the long flight. The sightseeing has begun, and my aunt even ate beef tongue salad. They’re here for two weeks, and I’m pretty sure they’re going to get me into lots of trouble. Here’s my photo of […]

outside tbilisi…

So I got to go outside the city a little and got to see some of the beautiful countryside around the city.

We pulled up to this ancient, beautiful church on top of this hill. I can’t remember what it was called, or how old it was (I want to say it’s from 1100?) […]


There were plenty of wild dogs in Tbilisi. This little guy almost came home with me - I had a dream when I got back that he could speak - in a dog way, of course - and was all like “RYE ROVE RU, RHY RID RU REAVE RE?” Which made me kind of glad […]


More about this awesome city later today or tomorrow….

about that language…

I really think Georgian writing is amazing. It looks like nothing I’ve ever seen before - it makes me think this is what Arabic and English would look like if they had a kid.  My friend was making fun of me for taking photos of signs like this:

…because it’s a sign for yoga and kung-fu […]


It took me a day or so to understand what it was about Tbilisi that was different from the other former soviet cities I’ve been to, and then it hit me:

Tbilisi has a sense of humor. I don’t mean to dis Kiev or Moscow (well, maybe Moscow a little bit) but Tbilisi has this soul […]

Georgian food..

The Georgians are the best hosts I’ve ever encountered. I was seriously humbled by how kind and sincere just about every single person I met in this country is. One of the ways that we were shown kindness was through the amazing meals that we were served. Here are a few of the highlights.

This […]

going to Georgia…

Ok, I’ve been back a few days and have been going through my over 450 photos from Georgia, and I think I’m finally ready to share.  So let’s go.
First off, Georgian Airlines rocked.  As a typical westerner (and general flybaby) I was a little reluctant to embrace the national airline of Georgia - oh, and […]

Georgia Rules

Wow, I really wasn’t expecting to be so taken with Tbilisi, but I can’t say enough good things about it. Well, except for this:

but it’s a small street at least. I’ll post a bunch of amazing photos really soon