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Monthly Archives: November 2007

i think there might be something wrong with my computer

again. So I’ll be putting another call out to Yuri, and hopefully he’ll be able to fix it like last time. Until then, updates will be sporadic.

snow oranges

The markets along the sidewalks seem to be open year round, no matter what the weather. The ladies that work these small stands are pretty hard core. Nice to know I’ll still be able to buy an orange off the street in January.

awesome wintery goodness

Courtesy of my friend Polina at the botanical gardens:

my endless fascination with snow continues…

I’m not sure what it is - I grew up in Chicago, I’m very very used to snow - but for some reason I can’t get over the snow here. Maybe it’s because we haven’t had a real good snow in a few years in Chicago, maybe it’s just because Kiev is finally living up […]

I wonder if he’s happy because something bad happened to pac-man?

back to winter

It rained all day yesterday - like in a waterworld sort of way. All. Day. There were streams running down the streets. It was wet.
Just before I woke up this morning, I had a dream that started in Istanbul, and then moved to Denmark, where I had to go learn Russian in this Finnish […]

puppies! (again)

So Friday must have been some sort of dog holiday, because I ran into two different packs on my way to work in the morning, passed an odd dog here and there on the way to lunch, and on the way back finally had to whip out the camera when I saw Scar (the one […]

and so it begins…

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day.

and, of course, I didn’t really take advantage of it…walked around a bit, did a tiny bit of shopping, then scurried back to my house to finish off the season of “mad men” I’d downloaded last week. And I woke up this morning to this:

Of course, because I’m an idiot […]


Update: Damnit! Yet again I see something really cool that I figure is simply graffiti, and it turns out it’s marketing. This is for Nestlie, they have a buy a bar of chocolate, download a track offer. Well, at least it’s really cool looking. I also asked the guy who told me this what they […]

the greatest show on earth

My friend and I went to this mall near work for a little retail therapy on Friday. While we were there, there was this announcement, and she got excited and what I thought she’d said was: “Oh cool, we have to go watch the dog show - they have these tiny dogs that jump into […]

this is why i don’t take the bus

Mostly because I still can’t read…well, OK, I can read, I just have no idea what the words I can sound out mean.


There was a bit of familiar this halloween thanks to some of the people I work with. A few pumpkins showed up, all jack-o-lanterned out, which was totally awesome.