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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Mike D - with his bad self running things…

One of the things I hated about leaving Chicago was leaving my cat Mike behind. But he was a million years old, and I didn’t want to put him through the stress of flying halfway around the world. So I left him, and the cat that I got for him because I was never home […]

i heart this scribble

aw, screw helsinki

I really didn’t get that many good photos, what with the strep and all, so let’s move back to Kiev. Helsinki seems like a really great town, and I’m looking forward to going back sometime when I can leave my little bacterial friends at home.
So there is this little blue building I pass by on […]

helsinki intermission

helsinki was pretty…

…wet and cold. And I came down with strep and had to go see a doctor. Who gave me a script for not one, but two antibiotics.

Dig that crazy typography. I’ve never seen so many ümlots. And it sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard. I assumed Finnish would sound like Swedish, but nope. My […]

and, i’m off…

…to Helsinki for the weekend. Someone feed and water Kiev for me, I’ll be back next week.

with lots of photos of reindeer, saunas and vikings.


I went to see a movie the other night, and ended up on a hill overlooking Maidan. It was a new view on the square for me, and much nicer, I’m sure when it’s warmer.

and the Christmas tree is still up…

which I know would drive my friend Marco crazy. He gets completely unhinged seeing a […]

super, man!

And another from the archives - I can’t believe I forgot to put this up. So, yeah. Basically just some guy. Who, for no reason (that I can tell anyway) is dressed up like superman.

My favorite thing is that the tracks on the sidewalk makes it look like the car has just skidded right through […]

hey, it’s that guy…

I dug up some photos I took over a month ago, while some friends were here to see me.  I’ve become enamored with this little pac-man graffiti, so I’ve been snapping him whenever I see him…

I’m reasonably sure this one isn’t an ad for anything. Reasonably.

dear mr. turner…

..this is what i got you for Christmas. I’m sorry that I carried it all the way to Chicago, and forgot to give it to you when I saw you. I am sorry that I didn’t even realize it was in my bag until I got back to Kiev. I’m also sorry there is lint […]

the mascots of christmas

So I’m walking around today. And it’s COLD. I’m only planning on walking to St. Sofia (really close, like two blocks away) seeing if they have any Christmas stuff up, taking a photo if they do, and coming back to the warm. Turns out there were two flaws with that plan. One is as I […]

I thought everything would be closed today…

I stocked up on water. I went shopping yesterday. I cursed myself for not buying olive oil, and then I remembered that I’d bought some “fancy”(rip off!) oil in Istanbul, so game on, I could cook today.
Turns out I needn’t have worried. I was sitting around today thinking…I know it’s cold, but I should at […]

blam. ba-bam.

Admittedly, I’ve been gone for a while. And I can’t believe I forgot about one of my very favorite things about Kiev - the abundance of explosives that people have at the ready to blow off at any given moment. Mostly, this happens on Friday and Saturday nights, and I’ve heard it usually has something […]

I think I’m alone now…

I’m pretty sure I’m one of like 5 other people still in Kiev. It’s Christmas tomorrow, and just about everyone has headed out of town.

But that’s actually fine, as it gives me more time to get back into this time zone, and I can also pretend I’m staring in my very own version of “I […]

Back in Kiev

So I’m back, and it’s COLD. I mean, I’m coming from Chicago, which isn’t exactly tropical, but wow, it’s amazingly cold here. I walked to the office yesterday, about a 20 minute walk, and when I got home last night (had to take a cab back to the airport to retrieve a lost bag I […]