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Monthly Archives: April 2008

yes, it is a cup of urine…

Good Morning!

My stairwell. Cup of Urine. I couldn’t decide if I should be happy that someone actually peed in a cup rather then all over the stairs like they normally do, or kind of horribly disgusted by the cup or urine.  Then the it sat in my hall for three days. Hey, I can’t really […]


I’m still not sure what his name is…Baxter and Chauncey have been the top contenders so far, but at some point today I called him “Flapjack” so who knows.
Things I know about him so far:  He finds his leash humiliating.

He doesn’t really mind baths too much:

And isn’t really sure what to think of showers…

And only […]

so, i finally did it

My friend has been saying she’ll take me to the puppy market for months. I always thought it would be a bad idea because I would come home with 80 puppies. What I expected was a bunch of old ladies with blankets on the side of the street with a cabbage, shoe inserts, a box […]

just outside kiev

I took a ride to my friend’s dacha today to take a look at some puppies her dog had. They were two day old squirmy mewing fuzzy black pocket sized cuteness. I’ve been thinking of getting a dog, and this would actually be perfect except for one thing - they’re german shepherd mix pups and […]

Chick out of commission

I went back to Chicago for a visit, and was being really really careful not to get sick like last time I went home in winter. As I got to Germany, I felt pretty cocky that I’d broken the curse and had made it back to Europe in one piece and as planned.
My next stop, […]