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Monthly Archives: May 2008

oh my god

I feel like I haven’t left this meeting room for 48 hours straight.

And everyone is just talking about the same thing over and over. Oh my god. Must. Get out. Of room.
Hold me

good ol’ romania

I’m in meetings in Romania for the next couple of days.

One would think the goth scene is out of control here, or at least the goth tourist scene, which would be even more hilarious. If I ever get out of this conference room, I’ll be on the lookout. Possibility of that at the moment, however, […]

the lovely kiev traffic…

I’ve been gone a lot lately, and when I have been in town, it’s been holidays here, so half the population is gone. Well, they’re back, and I forgot how completely fucked the traffic here is. It took me half an hour to go around the block after dropping a coworker off on the way […]

wild dog of the day!

It’s been a while since I posted one of these - this cute little guy was chilling statue side in the park today.

And as a bonus - here’s my very own wild dog,

who a few minutes ago went from playing with the Chauncey sized stuffed animal he has to humping it. Seems a bit early […]

oh may….

Where have you gone? Can’t believe it’s already late May - time is flying. The past week was my birthday, and I went and met some friends in what I decided this past trip is my favorite place in the whole world - Istanbul.

Where we ate too much, drank too much, laughed and cried and […]

victory day

Sorry no updates in a while - they all would have been about my crazy puppy or broken arm or about the mystery poo in the hall - well, actually, I am going to post that later - but I wanted to get some of these much more beautiful photos up first. I walked down […]