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Monthly Archives: November 2008


Yep, it’s that time of year again. Already. Seems like it just thawed, but here we go again with the white stuff.
Jaroslav and his plate of cookies are now frosted….

And Chauncey just saw his first snow. I had dreams of him running around, chasing snowflakes, rolling in the snow. All happy and excited like, well, […]


I’ve been updateless for the past two weeks. It has been a crazy couple of weeks, but I think things are calming down now. Election giddiness has calmed down a bit, and I promise this will be my last election related image, the one thing that really sums it up best for me:

Last American election […]

I went to something so cool today…

But it’s going to take me forever to edit the almost 400 photos I took. Luckily, most of them are crap since my camera is dying, but here’s a taste until I’m done going through pictures….

Ok, I’m lazy - so until I do this, which probably won’t be until the weekend with a bunch of […]

kiss ‘em goodbye….

Three more days. So long, suckers….time to ride off into the sunset.

And can you take Joe the Plumber with you? The McCain campaign is sounding more and more to me like a bad movie starring Tim Allen or Adam Sandburg about the “little guy” who’s always been a screw up, but wanders into some sort […]

foggy morning…

Happy November - three more days until I get a new president…I’ve been sick all week and have been doing little more then watching and listening to political podcasts, reading way too much about the election, and feeling sorry for myself that I couldn’t dress up like something and go out last night.  But I’m […]