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ok, so…

I went and had dinner twice at this great place called “sky-lounge” in Moscow. It’s in what either was, or is the science academy. It’s kind of off from the area I was getting used to - the kremlin, red square mega mall area - and off near the (ok, fine, NOT) Colossus statue and what looked like a forest, but through the magic of a guide book was proven to be good old Gorky Park. Anyway this is the exterior:::statue_in_acad.jpgscience_bldg_inside.jpgsci_acad_2.jpg

and the joint is waaaaaaay up top ——->


and the views…wow. This is just the view from where I was seated - the big foresty area is Gorkey Park, the river is the aptly named Moscow river, and the sunset is lovely….moscow_skyline1.jpgmoscow_sunset2.jpgmoscow_sunset3.jpgmoscow_sunset4.jpg

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