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where was i…

….before I was rudely interrupted by the sick? I actually went to the “American Medical Center” on Tuesday and got some antibiotics which seemed to make me crazy worse yesterday, but this morning I’m feeling like I may actually live. Which I’m very happy about - and works a a good segue way into the story of my first trip on the domestic version of aero svit - another experience that made me happy to be alive.

We went to another terminal at Borispol airport - this one looked even less like what I think of when I think of “airport” then the terminal I’m used to going to. We took our bus out to the airplane, and got on this…um…plane. After ducking to get through the “hatch” (and I’m not very tall, the opening must have been 4ft, tops) I walked into a world where it’s normal for the seats to be broken, and leaning forward and at all angles, and for what looked just like smoke, but turned out to be water vapor shooting from vents on the floor, ceiling, and those tiny little vents above your seat that sometimes air comes out of. Eveyone who knows me knows I can be a bit of a flybaby at times, so needless to say, I was freaked, but what could I do but strap in and keep my fingers crossed.

The Ukrainian friends I was with looked at me like I was crazy for being so freaked out as we trucked down the runway, but my German friend Andrea (shout out for bringing me soup when I was too sick to leave the house last night!) looked just as worried as me, although she kept laughing to keep the nervousness at bay, while I was closer to tears. It didn’t help, I’m sure, that we were in the very back of the plane and so every time an engine groaned, we got it more loudly. I don’t have too many photos, but I do have this one, where you can see that the overhead compartments don’t close - they’re simply racks. One may also note that there is no oxygen mask to drop down to you in case of accidental loss of cabin pressure.


When we got to the airport, I could not run outside for a cigarette fast enough. Andrea was pretty hungry (I’d eaten something at the Kiev airport) so I went back inside with her while everyone else sorted out our taxi situation - and had one of those only in Ukraine moments - at the tiny little food kiosk they had pringles, tiny little peanut bags, and these red caviar sandwiches:


The way home wasn’t quite as bad, except toward the end of the flight when there was this large bang that made my heart race until we landed. And when we did, I saw this plane, which, while I’m not sure where it goes, I’m now convinced at some point I’ll have to figure out an excuse not to take the unfortunately named “kras(h)” air flight.


And I realized that I needed to fly Austrian airlines next time so I can stop being such a loser.


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