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oh yeah…..


So walking home from work tonight I ran smack dab into a whole lot of flagitry. They’d been there most of the day, and we had what will probably be one of our last hot days today, so they’re not really all that active at this point, but go them! I love the orange team, although I think they’re going to get their asses kicked. And no, I’m not sure why I love them, but they sort of seem like…good guys? For vague reasons I can’t explain. Maybe it’s just that the people look nicer then team blue.

Whenever I ask people who they like, they say they’re all corrupt, so it doesn’t really matter.  Kinda like the good old US.  Except for Bill, best president ever.  And dreamy, but I digress.

In any event, I’m so totally psyched to be living here right now, and I’m doubly glad that I don’t live across from any protest spot - just because they’re really loud, and they seem to put up a port-o-john like the second these people show up. And someone is already using my hallway as their toilet, but that’s a whole other story.

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