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election day is tomorrow


And I have to fly to Georgia (the country) for some biz’nez.  But I have two things to comfort me - 1) the election is tomorrow, but the results aren’t announced for at least a week, and I’ll be back and 2) Georgia is having some sort of crazy protest thing going on as well.  So I’m sure any flag withdrawal I’d be going through will be negated by the (and I’m just guessing here) total flag waving of Georgian protesters as well.  I think the government there is falling apart now. Whatever, if I hadn’t lived through the same thing here weeks after my arrival and saw how nicely the people here dealt with it, I’d be worried.  As it is, I’m honestly just interested to see the Tbilisi and the surrounding area. Photos look amazing, and I’ll post them when I get back, on the 7th.

These were taken this past Monday - cute little tent city representing my favorite candidate, because she has awesome hair….lady can rock a braid, and does every single day. Since I have no idea what anyone is saying, when I see her on tv, I just try to figure out if that’s real hair, or a hairpiece.  I still have no answer, but maybe it will all be revealed after the election.

(photo from bbc)


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