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going to Georgia…

Ok, I’ve been back a few days and have been going through my over 450 photos from Georgia, and I think I’m finally ready to share.  So let’s go.

First off, Georgian Airlines rocked.  As a typical westerner (and general flybaby) I was a little reluctant to embrace the national airline of Georgia - oh, and let’s not forget the last time I flew was last month when I went to Odessa in the death plane.


Anyway, this plane rocked. And when I asked for a beer (keep in mind I’m in economy) I got this huge highly alcoholic beer with this awesome label…


And thus began my love affair with the Georgian written language. Look at how ornate and beautiful it is…as I will demonstrate in several other photos.   Anyway, we flew over some beautiful mountains,


and we were there. quick flight, with one of the best landings I’ve ever experienced.

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