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Georgian food..

The Georgians are the best hosts I’ve ever encountered. I was seriously humbled by how kind and sincere just about every single person I met in this country is. One of the ways that we were shown kindness was through the amazing meals that we were served. Here are a few of the highlights.


This is probably the best hangover food ever created. It’s a delicious fresh baked piece of bread filled with egg, cheese and butter, and you have to stir it up and the piping hot bread cooks the egg as you mix it up. This was not only delicious, but HUGE. Check the pack of Marlboros for scale. Giant.


Georgian “lemonade” was also amazing. It’s this natural carbonated drink with various flavors like lemon, peach, tarragon (for real, it’s bright green and tastes great) and my favorite, pear. The first day we sat down to dinner, I was asked if there was any of the lemonade, and i looked at the bottles and went, “no, just beer” because I’m an idiot. So for the rest of the time, we called it beer.



Tables overflowing with food were the norms at every dinner. A few of the standouts for me were this delicious pickled herb (unfortunately I don’t know what it was - it was like capers but smaller and still on the branch and the whole thing was pickled) and a fish with a pomegranate sauce that was absolutely amazing. The bread in general was really really good too, and there was this minced spinach that I liked smearing all over the bread. And then there was the wine….


Georgian wine is really good - I put a few bottles in my suitcase - but there’s this other thing called “cha-cha” that everyone was trying to get me to drink. Check the label. Cha-Cha is 42%.
I had meetings the week before in Kiev, with lots of vodka at the dinners after the meetings. Lots. So there was no way I was going to get all chi-chied up on cha-cha, my liver kind of needed the break. I took a sniff of one of the guy’s glasses, and it nearly burned my eyeballs out.


On my last night in Tbilisi, I went to a bar with a friend of mine who grew up in Georgia and some of her old friends, and guess what - that’s right, more food. This super amazing fruit platter with some fruit I’d never even tried before.

So to sum it up, if you’re going to Georgia, don’t eat for a few days first.

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