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fall in kiev

So my visitors are gone, things at work are about to calm down (ok, in like two weeks, but I can still see light at the end of the tunnel) and I’m not planning on leaving town until the 23rd of November. Time to kick back, and be lazy…kind of like this little guy I saw while walking to work this week.



I will be better about the site updates…and here are some of my excuses for the last three weeks - two weekends ago I was in Prague:


where the statues are huge and totally violent (just the way I like my statues) and the churches are amazing:


and giant beers roam the streets.


Then, when we got back to Kiev, there was this (I think) very small pro-communist rally by the statue of Lennin (where else).


There were more cops then rally-folk, but at least Jeanne and my mom got to see some flags. The rest of the week was a blur of work/trying to get out of work early to hang with my family and show them around. Although they did a pretty good job of showing themselves around, and even met a woman who invited them over to her house for lunch. They went, of course, and now my mom realizes that I’m living in a very nice city with friendly people and a million percent less crime then Chicago. A million percent less H&Ms too, but I got my fix in Prague at least.

And last weekend I was in Istanbul, where I went on this amazing cruise up the Bosphorus





and even though it was a little rainy, it made for some good photos. I was a little afraid I’d put Istanbul on a pretty big pedestal after falling so hard for the city when I was there over the summer, and was hoping it was going to live up to the hype. But, nope, I am happy to report that Istanbul is just as awesome the second time around. My mom and aunt were departing via Istanbul and had an overnight layover, so a friend and I joined them to show them some sights and to take in some ourselves. I’m pretty excited that this amazing city is an under two hour flight for me…and I found a great hotel - this is the view from the roof:


I have such a crush on Istanbul. I’m going to go write it’s name on my folder now, with big hearts.

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