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ah, market day

There is this market that is kind of far, so I don’t get there unless my friend Agneishka is driving, but I always jump at the chance when she offers. It’s got really great produce, tomatos.jpgmarket_aisle_2.jpg

and the meat counter is a constant source of horror/fascination for memeat_counter.jpg

I couldn’t figure out a subtle way to get shots of the rabbits that are skinned except for one foot (which I thought had something to do with “lucky rabbit’s foot” but it turns out it’s to prove it’s a rabbit, because cats were sold as rabbits in WW2) and the giant pig heads but I did get this head, which may be pig, may be cow….head.jpg

not sure. But it’s a head.

So now for the cute (and yes, sad if you think about it I guess, but, hey, I take the cute where I can get it). I heard all this chirping, and just thought it was birds hanging out eating seeds or something that had been spilled, but nope! Cages and cages of chickens, and buckets of baby chicks. chicks.jpg

I was kind of scared to ask if I could take a photo, but my friend convinced me, and the lady was so nice, she wanted to make sure I got a photo of her ducklings as well.duckings.jpg

I love this market. I came very close to having baby ducks as pets - like 40 of them.

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  1. tim wrote:

    chicks in kiev. get it? get it?

    Monday, July 23, 2007 at 3:14 am | Permalink

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