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the greatest show on earth

My friend and I went to this mall near work for a little retail therapy on Friday. While we were there, there was this announcement, and she got excited and what I thought she’d said was: “Oh cool, we have to go watch the dog show - they have these tiny dogs that jump into this pool”. So, I’m down, I love dogs, I love shows, let’s go!

We get to the area near this tiny fountain/pool where a red carpet has been laid out, and blocked off, leading right into the pool, from back into the mall. So we wait. And then there is a flurry of activity, and I’m waiting for the puppies and I see this:


DUCK show. Riiiiight. Not dogs. Not fluffy. But better swimmers.


and really kind of cute. The whole time there was announcements about how the ducks live in the mall, and they love it there, and would never shop anywhere else. It was actually really funny, and sweet, and odd, and made me smile a bunch. But this guy….


looks like he’s seen the duck show one too many times. Maybe he’s just jealous the ducks are getting all the attention, and he’s trying to figure out which duck he’s going to pull a showgirls on, so he can finally get his time in the spotlight.

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  1. Sarah Parker wrote:

    Now if you didn’t hate all things Elvis and the South, you would be aware of The Peabody Hotel.

    The ducks live on the top floor and march to the fountain (via the elevator) in the morning.
    They romp all day and the ceremoniously march back at 5.

    We have cool things here ya know…
    After we super-size in and waddle away from the gunfire.

    Monday, November 5, 2007 at 1:10 am | Permalink

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