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back to winter

It rained all day yesterday - like in a waterworld sort of way. All. Day. There were streams running down the streets. It was wet.

Just before I woke up this morning, I had a dream that started in Istanbul, and then moved to Denmark, where I had to go learn Russian in this Finnish elementary school (of course). It was right by my house, so I went there sans coat, and was running around the snowy parking lot trying to find which door to go in. I remember thinking “idiot, why didn’t you bring your coat?” as the snow was falling harder and harder. Then I woke up to this:


Oh my god! I’m totally psychic! Don’t worry, I promise I’ll only use my gifts for good.

It looks like winter might actually be kind of here to stay - but on the plus side, when I was taking this photo off my balcony a few minutes ago, the “snow smell” was so great. Although I’m sure it will only be a matter of hours until it’s all covered in soot and ash and beer bottles. So I’m going to go out in a few minutes and enjoy it while I can. I really need to buy a helmet and kneepads though, since I’m so clumsy even when there isn’t slippery hazards in the way. Although - check the above photo - that guy is shoveling! When I came to visit last Jan, it snowed and no one cleared any of it away. Everyone sweeps their sidewalks here in the summer, spring and fall, but snow falls and people are like “wow, wish there was something we could do about this heavy white stuff, but…I’m stumped!” and go back to bed. But this one guy is proving me wrong, and giving me hope that since last winter, shovels have become the latest fashion accessory. If that’s true, I won’t be needing that helmet afte all.

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