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my endless fascination with snow continues…

I’m not sure what it is - I grew up in Chicago, I’m very very used to snow - but for some reason I can’t get over the snow here. Maybe it’s because we haven’t had a real good snow in a few years in Chicago, maybe it’s just because Kiev is finally living up to it’s “oh my god, aren’t you going to be cold in Russia” stereotype that all my friends kept giving me shit about before I moved here, or maybe I’m just seven years old on some level and can’t help but love the pretty snow.

I’m sure the next week will be all snow photos, so here’s a few to start things off:


We probably got about 4-5 inches today but I’m having a hard time figuring it out because a) I can’t understand the local news b) even if I could, everything is metric over here - although if I heard we’d gotten 8 cm, I’m pretty sure I could figure it out but c) my television isn’t working for some reason - ever since my mom and aunt were here the sound hasn’t worked - and now the picture is wonky. But whatever, I’m pretty sure I can just go outside in the morning and figure it out that way, as well.


This is the statue of Jaroslav the great. Someone I showed this to last year when I came back from Kiev had said that it looked like he was holding a plate of cookies. Now, that’s ALL I can see when I look at this statue. Especially when it’s snow covered.


I saw a couple of these on the sidewalk in the park by my house this morning, and I figured they were for sidewalks, etc, until I saw them go on the street. I really really hope they have bigger ones because these things are like smart cars with shoe shining brushes on them.

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  1. Sarah Parker wrote:

    Snow covered, it looks like a plate of cupcakes.
    Ah, pastry school. Money well spent.

    Tuesday, November 13, 2007 at 12:15 am | Permalink

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