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chick in…Chicago?

Hi there…I was to fly back to Kiev on the 17th, but I got this extremely nasty sinus infection that had me at the doctor several times, and even the emergency room once (bad reaction to the antibiotics - my face swelled up and other nasty things) so I was told I couldn’t fly until they’d made sure the infection was completely gone. Something about my head exploding…I don’t know. The one good thing is that I’ve felt like I had a cold for about two months, and it turns out I’ve just been breeding this amazingly severe infection. Go me!


Anyway, I’m still in Chicago, but have gotten an OK to get back on a plane, which I will do on Wednesday and head back home. I’ve actually become quite homesick for it, and although I’ll miss the “being able to understand everyone and having them understand me” part of being back in the states, I’m looking forward to getting back to my normal life, and out of my friend Marco’s hair (thanks for letting me crash forever, and for taking me to the emergency room that one night). And I can’t wait to see Kiev all dressed up for Christmas! Many photos to come, I’m sure…

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