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Back in Kiev

So I’m back, and it’s COLD. I mean, I’m coming from Chicago, which isn’t exactly tropical, but wow, it’s amazingly cold here. I walked to the office yesterday, about a 20 minute walk, and when I got home last night (had to take a cab back to the airport to retrieve a lost bag I was pretty sure they were never going to deliver - but as a bonus got a ride home, so keep in mind this is only walking one way) I had what looked like the beginning of bad acne on both of my cheeks - giant purplish blotches. Upon closer inspection and hours of asking my friends what they thought it was plus obsessing online at places like webmd - who assured me it was only a rare blood disease - I figured out it was likely light frostbite and put neosporin all over it at the urging of a friend. I passed out for a while (jetlagged still) and woke up a few hours later with it looking slightly better. I repeated the process of neosporin slathering and sleeping until late this morning, and it looks pretty much normal now. When I went out today I was sure to wear a scarf. Yeah, anyway, COLD. But it should be warming up in the next few days - and then snowing heavily. But I picked up a pair of Uggs in the states, so I now feel my feet at least are all set. Wonder if they make face Uggs?

In other news, I was awoken this morning by the sounds of barking. Getting up and looking across the street I saw this super cute pack o’ wild dogs freaking out in front of the golden gate. This kept up for a while, and when I went into my kitchen to make some tea, I again heard barking. They’d moved around back and two of them were um…doing it…while another was just standing there barking at them. A truly beautiful moment. So glad they woke me up to witness their love. Speaking of love, and dogs - meet Ryder. My favorite dog in the whole world (I’m sorry Gordie, you’re like, a close second). I was over at his boy’s house while I was in the states, and Ben put antlers on him. I left my foot in the photo for scale.


Ryder is not small. And although I could tell he wasn’t totally for it, Ben let me take him outside dressed like this. Giant dog. Tiny red antlers. Snowy day near Christmas. People really had no choice but to be charmed.


I totally should have brought those back to Kiev. The wild dogs would look so much cuter humping each other with reindeer antlers.

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