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blam. ba-bam.

Admittedly, I’ve been gone for a while. And I can’t believe I forgot about one of my very favorite things about Kiev - the abundance of explosives that people have at the ready to blow off at any given moment. Mostly, this happens on Friday and Saturday nights, and I’ve heard it usually has something to do with someone’s birthday. But I guess Christmas Eve is another time (ok, granted, it could be someone’s birthday, too) for the ol’ kaboom. This time, they were pretty close, and I even got a few photos from the warmth of my bedroom.

fw_1.jpg fw_2.jpg

You can click on them to make them larger. I just has a sad thought - there are almost no flags around these parts anymore. A firework is nice, but a flag is forever…oh wait, that’s a diamond. Nevermind.

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