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helsinki was pretty…

…wet and cold. And I came down with strep and had to go see a doctor. Who gave me a script for not one, but two antibiotics.


Dig that crazy typography. I’ve never seen so many ├╝mlots. And it sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard. I assumed Finnish would sound like Swedish, but nope. My friend who was along with said there were 102 different ways to conjugate a verb or something crazy like that. So the only two words I learned are “hei” which means “hello” and sounds just like “hey!” which makes it super cute and casual sounding, and “Kiitos” which means thank you, as illustrated below:


All in all, a very cool sounding language that I will never learn. But the people were amazingly friendly, and funny and cute. Everyone was pretty bummed about the weather (shaking my fist at you, Bush) because they normally have about 5 feet of snow at this time. Right now, it looks like this:

Not so much snow. Like, none. But yeah, no one worry about that silly global warming thing. I was telling a friend about it tonight and he was like “was everyone whispering at you to tell Al Gore?”.

It wasn’t all sickness, hard to pronounce words and global tragedy however, there were also kick ass street signs


a wealth of canned meat products that I found out of the ordinary


(sidenote - reindeer pate is a liquid. Do not try to bring it though security in Helsinki. I went and opened it up and dumped the pate since I really just wanted the label, got through security and showed my friend my brilliant victory over security until he asked me why I didn’t just take the label off. Which I then did, the whole time glaring at him for being so logical.) And something that looks like Kim Chee but is named after a Swedish band from the 70s


and sandwiches with not only lots of hot dogs…


but, of course, with reindeer as well.


which I actually ate a bunch of. Well, ok, a small piece at a really nice dinner on Saturday and one of the small sandwiches above. For me, that’s a lot of deer since I don’t really eat four legged things much, and have never even tried deer before. But hey, since I didn’t see any, which I almost thought I would see roaming the streets I figured I’d get my revenge by eating them. That’s right, deer - tell your friends, next time I’m in town, you’d best show up or I’m pulling out my fork.

Ok, more later, but one last thing - we finally did get a bit of snow. Just as we were at the airport waiting to leave. Just enough to cover the ground and my lovely Ukraine International plane


And worry me that we weren’t going to get deiced since we were stuck way somewhere off in the corner away from all the other planes. We finally did


and here I sit, back in Kiev. More about Helsinki tomorrow - must get up for very early meeting. Woot.

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