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Ok, so I guess there are Ladas


and there are Volgas


and there are something else-es etc. Once again, I’m not a cool girl who knows how to change your oil and can tell a whatever from a whatever else. I was going to say minivan from a mustang, but ok, I’m not functionally retarded, I can tell the difference there. So here’s the deal, I don’t know one from the other, they’re all Ladas to me from here on out, so please don’t correct me.

But here is what I do know. If I were to come back to Chicago with this bad boy:


I would be like the indie rock queen of the Ukrainian Village. There is actually a better one that I’m trying to get a photo of…it’s a maroon police Lada, and it’s the bomb. I will find it and document it.

In the meantime, enjoy this fine Lada, the guy who owns the fruit kiosk on the way to work owns this one, and was giving me funny looks as I was recording his Lada decals for posterity.


Also, this is my favorite color Lada - the brilliant orange. I went up closer to get a better angle on this one - not a spot of rust on it and sparkling in the sun - but got spooked because there was someone sleeping in the front seat, and I didn’t want to be a jackhole and take a photo of someone’s bed - but as I was walking away, I had to turn and get a photo of the awesome elusive orange Lada.


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