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Thursday I flew from Kiev to Bucharest via Budapest. On the way back to Kiev, I stayed in Vienna for the weekend (no direct flight from Bucharest to Kiev). I arrived on lovely Tarom airlines:


which was actually OK. I was a total flybaby this whole trip for some reason. We had a bad takeoff coming out of Kiev, and a bad landing in Bucharest, and I guess it just made me skittish…anyhow, my experience on Tarom was just fine.

Vienna is really pretty, has a lot of really great buildings, art, shops, and lots of interesting things to look at on the streets.

cannon_graf.jpg bird_sticker.jpg dont_fight_graf.jpg tennis_heart.jpg sissy_graf.jpg

Then I realized that I’m 12 years old, and decided I had to take photos of signs that said:


wiener_logo.jpg weiner_sign_bluesky.jpg wiener_collection.jpg weiner_green.jpg

There was a huge storm, I got kind of freaked out by all the wind and sudden downpour, and was reminded by my friend that they don’t get tornadoes in Europe. Hey, you can take the girl out of the midwest…

Then, I came across this protest, and was all excited about the excellent use of flags.


especially these:


Throw in a bunch of red wine, and a schnitzel the size of my head, and that’s pretty much my trip to Vienna. Loved it.

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