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When I first moved here, I saw this pack of wild dogs. I haven’t seen them in a while, but this morning? Boom. Dogs.dog_1.jpgdog_2.jpgdog_3.jpg

Want to take dog home….but can’t (that’s why this guy is so sad) because I still live in that stupid two room apartment, and the dream apartment I found yesterday totally fell through when the landlord raised the rent like 1,000,000/month, most likely because I’m an American. USA! USA! USA! I really really wanted that apartment. It was almost like the kind I’m used to - normalish, no crazy weird lights, a living room, bedroom and spare room, just like I had in the states. I could have had people over for dinner, not to mention when people come to visit they would have had somewhere to stay.

Sigh. Whine.

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