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oh may….

Where have you gone? Can’t believe it’s already late May - time is flying. The past week was my birthday, and I went and met some friends in what I decided this past trip is my favorite place in the whole world - Istanbul.


Where we ate too much, drank too much, laughed and cried and talked a lot about how lucky we are to be able to do things like this, and just to be alive and healthy in general. It was a fantastic birthday.  The hotel even organized a cake for me, and my friends got me up on the roof with the pretense of having a beer.


We had dinner that night at a place that had both strippers, fire acrobats and a pretty amazing view in this pretty amazing city.


After all the fun in Istanbul, I had to go to Warsaw for a few days of meetings. I mostly saw the inside of the Hotel, a few dinner spots and one store where I took photos of products and labels and cool looking Polish lettering.


And got home last night, exhausted. I remembered I’d bought Chauncey a super cute handmade toy in Istanbul this morning, so I gave it to him and learned an important lesson…


….buying  your puppy anything cute or expensive is kind of stupid. He hadn’t torn anything apart before, but this guy lasted about 15 minutes. Anyway, home for the weekend, then off again on Monday. I’m going to be better about updating, though, even if it is just photos of Chauncey or something about my (really so much better) broken arm.

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