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So I was at this event Friday night, and I’d set my bag down - in a large group of co-workers and friends - and I guess took my eye off of it for a minute because next thing you know, it’s gone. And because I’d just gotten back from Romania and had a bunch of extra stuff I didn’t really need in that bag but had forgot to take out, the thieves got a bunch of things that are worthless to them, but will be sorely missed by me. Like my freakin’ glasses that I don’t really need for everyday but need when I’m on the computer for an extended time (which is kind of my job, besides going to endless meetings) and an Alex and Cloe “diamond” necklace like the pink one but silver.

Oh yeah, and my mobile phone and my camera. Sigh.

So there I am at 3 o’clock in the morning skyping all my credit cards to close the accounts, and in the process I find that they made one charge. For $5.95 at a gas station. Six bucks, and I’m going through the hassle of having to try to get all of my cards shipped to me at this hotel in Berlin I’m going to be at next week which is really my only shot at getting anything replaced since having anything shipped to me here is pretty much impossible. And, I realized today that I think my ssn was on my driver’s licence, so I’m going to have to pay extra attention to what’s getting opened credit wise in my name for the next….forever. Grrrrr.

Turns out when a friend of mine went back today to see if anyone there had found anything that there were 6 or 7 other people who had gotten their bags lifted as well. There was one woman there who was in from out of town and had 10 grivna on her with no way of getting more, plus passport and tickets home were in her bag. That sucks a whole lot worse. My biggest problem was that Chauncey had to have a minor surgery today to remove a third eyelid from his eye (actually, turns out to be both eyes) but luckily my boss gave me a little cash last night, and a friend gave me more today so C-dawg’s eyes are fixed and I can go start replacing my shizz tomorrow.

Credit cards, glasses, mobile phone and camera aside (oh, and kick ass necklace I will miss) it’s not the wost thing in the world. I’d rate it above breaking my arm and needing surgery, but under the mystery shits in my hall (see above photo) that thankfully seem to have tapered off. I was getting a new one every morning for a while there, and I’m not quite sure if they’re human or animal. Shudder.

To cleanse that image and just because he’s damn cute (and because I can’t show the photo of the Romanian street dog I’d taken but that now belongs to the damn thieves) here’s a photo of Chauncey going for a “drag”. He hasn’t really mastered the art of walking on a leash yet, which leads to all sorts of hilarious “conversation” with people on the street who, from what I gather, are saying things like “oh, he’s so tiny, you should carry him, he’s too small to walk, awwwwww” to which I sigh and roll my eyes and say ‘da da da’ and keep on dragging him down the street.


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  1. Tamriko wrote:

    Bri, it sucks, but i think you should feel the freedooooom! or not…

    how is our little boy?

    Sunday, June 1, 2008 at 1:38 pm | Permalink

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