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chick in romania

I’ve been here a couple of times before, but haven’t really gotten to see much of the city. Yesterday, we went on a bit of a tour, and I have some observations to share…

First off, the hotel we’re staying at looks just like the shining. Compare. My hotel:


The Shining:


Ok, the carpet is different. But anyway. Creeee-py.

Other then that, Bucharest is pretty interesting. There are a lot of universities, and I learned what the students eat:


And how hot is that student? Big smile? Check. Collar popped? Check. Possible frosted tips? Check.


And there is advertising on every conceivable place. I was commenting on this to a woman taking us around, and said: “wow, there are a lot of empty buildings here” and she was all “huh?” and I replied, well, they have billboards all over and I can’t imagine anyone would want to live under that..”



Yeah, so I’m an idiot. They get paid to have no view, and I’m an idealistic dork.

But Romanians have a really well hung president, unlike us…


and a capital filled with both nuclear power (in the middle of the city)


Really interesting buildings….


good bands that roll through town…


And Piranah


and some giant building


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  1. AdamZP wrote:

    гляди! Я ржал - - тема дня :))
    Фото на тему кризиса..
    да, и спасибо за пост) добавил в избранное

    Friday, November 28, 2008 at 2:32 pm | Permalink

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