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back in the good ol’…..

I’ve been MIA from this site lately, but I have a goodish excuse. I’ve been back in Chicago, then in Vegas for a wedding (I think that part is sort of hazy) and now I’m spending a few more days before heading back to Kiev on Sunday.

I’m spending a much needed night in tonight, trying to design a poster for a fund raiser that’s tomorrow night (yikes) and watching the DNC, and getting all hopped up on hope. I’m keeping my fingers crossed this man is the next president:


I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for the next three months. Click on the above sketch to learn more about our next president. I just realized, I should be making Obama flags and passing them out. Has living in Kiev taught me nothing?

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  1. Davidoff wrote:

    I very like Obama’s image. I’ve just read phrase (citate) “I’m just asking you to believe”. I think this phrase is very similiar or rephraze of legendary J.Kennedy “Don’t ask me…”. Isn’t it?
    Interesting moment.

    Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 12:17 am | Permalink

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