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and cold

Cold water, that is. I turned on the shower this morning, waited for the usual 10 minutes for the water to warm up…nope, still cold…waited another 10, then figured it just wasn’t going to happen.

So i took the quickest shower ever, and washed my hair while holding my head over the tub. I sent a text to my landlord, asking her what the deal was. Here is her verbatim quote:

“Briana, hi. They will repair the water system until the end of the month.”

I was in a meeting when I got the message, and next to my coworker and friend who also has no hot water (and is also from elsewhere…Germany, a lovely place where like my homeland, the water is always warm). At the break, we found out from a woman we work with that this happens every summer for a month. Random buildings just turn off the hot water. She said it was said that it’s for “repairs” but she thinks it’s to save money.

Super. I’ve been trying to figure out if I should move to another apartment or stay in this one. This one: Really small, good location, nice landlord, really really really small.

This is all of it - the day I moved in - it’s got a bit more style (and dirt) now. But, yeah, two rooms. Oh, snap, I’m a total liar. There’s a bathroom, too. The bathroom of cold water, and broken dreams. And a mysterious dust, but that’s a story for another time.


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