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This last month has been crazy. Work has been insane, my mom came to visit and then since she can’t fly direct from Kiev to Chicago, we decided to go somewhere fun for a couple of days on her way back home. We were going to go to Istanbul, but for some reason flights were like, over 600 bucks each, which is crazy even though I’m now used to tickets to just about anywhere from here being around 500 bones, but 600? Each? So I decided to cash in some miles and change the plan. Still somewhere new to her, and somewhere I seem to be going all the time now….


Yea! Paris! I’m getting pretty good about getting around the city now, too. This morning I took the metro from the area we were staying in to the area I was staying in two weeks ago to get to the market I found last weekend. It was awesome. I came back with bread, and this amazing sea salt and other spices mix that I’ve become addicted to. I also took my mom on a walking tour that took us to a bunch of the major attractions and didn’t get lost at all. Woot. I really am loving Paris and can’t wait to go back again, although I’m also looking forward to spending some time at home too - I feel like I haven’t been home in forever.


And it was great having mom here - and she was great at finding things to do while I had to work way too much while she was here. I think the people at the opera will be wondering where she is this week. And she gave me an excuse to finally go into the Golden Gate. I always wondered if you can see into my place from there. The answer is no. Mom loved it, and likes Kiev. She’s sad that this was most likely the last time she’s going to be here, but she has a million photos to remember it by.


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