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outside of kiev

The weather has been fantastic here the past few days, and a friend of mine has been telling me that she’s going to take me outside the city so I can see some of Ukraine, and not just Kiev. Well, today it finally happened. But it was cool, because we had a map.


And it was pretty…


Ponies! There were horses walking down the streets…


And cows….totally cute country awesomeness. After a while, nature was calling and I started to ask my friend about finding a toilet somewhere. Just then we entered a village called “Pee”. No joke. Here’s the sign.


But alas, not a city full of facilities. So when she was like “what, I hope you don’t mean you need a “real” toilet” I was just…what? And we pulled over and I peed by the side of the road. Always a lady.

We carried on, and soon came to the city we were looking for - Kaniv


Where we climbed a million stairs, had a very nice view and I laid some flowers at the statue of Shevchenko


And then we took off back to Kiev. On the way we stopped and bought all sorts of goodness. Like honey…


And veggies from one of a bunch of sweet babuchkas we’d passed.


The first time we passed a group of them, my friend was like “oh no, MAFIA!” and I was all…what? Where? Expecting a bunch of black cars with blacker windows and guys with shades and bad suits. Instead, I saw something like this…


Scary! All in all a great day, and the countryside in Ukraine is very nice.  We made it pretty far, too. Here’s the final map (this is not the actual route - I don’t think - could be)



  1. Sarah Parker wrote:

    That first map is great.
    If anyone gets the chance….ask Briana to draw a map of the United States.
    Try to get a few drinks in her first.

    Monday, October 13, 2008 at 12:08 am | Permalink
  2. First of all - my USA map is awesome - and second of all, like anyone would really have to “try” to get a few drinks in me first. Pfft. You don’t even KNOW me anymore.

    Monday, October 13, 2008 at 11:04 am | Permalink

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